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Funded Projects

Parking Meter

To greatly improve revenue generation, customer service, and extend operating hours by automating El Pueblo parking lots. 

College Students

In order to drive a greater understanding and knowledge base of "green" planning, design, and maintenance of City services, what if we created an in-house pilot of a "Green Univ

People Collaborating

Bring the Google Innovation Lab to work with City departments and provide expert “mentorship”, Google developer, software Suite and Mapping access to create a culture of innovat

Officer holding breathalyzer

To create a new, innovative LAFD resource called  “SOBER: The SOBering center Emergency Resource”.

Pick Up Trash

BPW requests $35,000 to develop a Clean LA contest for the residents of the City of Los Angeles to engage communities in keeping Los Angeles clean.

Bike Lane

What if the City could put in a temporary "pop up" bikeway as part of its public outreach process?  

X-Ray on Computer

The Personnel Department, Medical Services Division (MSD), Occupational Health is proposing conversion from chemical to electronic digital X-Ray production. MSD is responsible f

Abstract Data Cloud

The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, that works with 97 different, Independent Neighborhood Councils, all made up of Volunteers needs a single, comprehensive and computer

Construction worker on phone

Use GPS enabled-smartphones to efficiently dispatch pothole trucks and tree emergency crews, while providing timely notifications to constituents of completed service requests.