EVP Business Development

Idea Creator: 
Jim Rice
City Challenge: 
Improving Public Safety
Cities want to be "Smart Cities". "Smart Cities" need to deploy "Smart City" technology. "Smart City" technology typically is deployed at street level and intersections. Where can all that equipment go without wrecking the cityscape? "Smart City" technology such as small cells and edge computing for driverless cars, transportation management automation and security need secure and unobtrusive containment and concealment at street intersections and sidwalks. Cities also are reconstructing roads, intersections and sidewalks every year. What if waterproof and environmentally controlled mini-vault space under ADA sidewalk curb ramps could be created during the construction process as a cost efficient deployment strategy? Well it can and the cost burden would range from 1-2% over typical construction costs. Doing so would make LA, "Smart City Ready" for "Smart City" technology deployments. Becoming "Smart City Ready" will accelerate "Smart City" technology deployments while creating revenue opportunities for the city to lease the space.
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