Extending the Useful Life of Sewers

Idea Creator: 
Luis Zaldivar
City Challenge: 
Infrastructure Improvement
Last week a major sewer collapsed in the San Fernando Valley. Two cars were totaled and fortunately, no lives were lost. However, the emergency repair will be very expensive and will caused major traffic delays to commuters in the area. The residents in the surrounding area will have to deal with an aggressive construction schedule and nuisance odors from the failed sewer while it is being repaired. This scenario can and will happen again due to deteriorated sewer lines. I was employed by Bureau of Engineering from 1988 the 2005 and during that time I developed an Odor Control System (OCS) that was successfully used on numerous sewer rehabilitation projects. This OCS, with some modifications, can be used to prolong the life of the existing sewers in the City of L.A.
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