Fine Art and Design Services for Low Income/Minority Students and Adults :Including Veterans, The Mentally Ill and People with Developmental Disabilities.

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Joshua J. Ramirez
City Challenge: 
Creating a Business-Friendly LA
In the early part of the depression, the Government passed something Known as the "Works Progress Administration". A program designed to provide economic relief ; mainly getting artists to work in their field, while getting paid a fair salary. Such artists that benefited from this Program, included Pollock, Rothko and DeKooning. Art is now a novelty, taken out of schools, underfunded or only supported by high-Brow 0.01 percent that store high priced art or turn for a substantial profit in an unregulated market. But what about all the amazing artists that have never been exposed to Fine Art? The wasted talent that never bloomed, lost in a sea of an environment long forgotten and pushed under the rug of despair. How about something different. Not another mismanaged, underfunded, ineffective, non-profit bogged down by bureaucracy. What if we could change all that? What if artists who make up the 99.99 percent with passion, college degrees or good old fashioned know how were given the opportunity to make a great living and give back at the same time. I propose a for profit art eduction system that focuses on services for Low Income/Minority Students and Adults :Including Veterans, The Mentally Ill and People with Developmental Disabilities. Either community supported, government supported or Profit supported, we can go into communities and provide services. RGB Los Angeles can hire, train and financially support artists to go out into any community and provide the highest quality Art Education at a quarter of the cost: and the benefits are monumental: -Low Income or at risk Youth have not only a safe place to go after school but a positive outlet. -More students enrolled in college. -Reducing costs and hospitalization of sick or mentally ill patients, through our art therapy program. "Faster Recovery Time" -Millions saved on preventive eduction. -A reliable and long lasting resource for the community. -Economic boom of providing jobs, and reducing waste on programs that have proven ineffective. "Less Entitlement Programs". -100 percent transparency on ALL money Spent! -All students Get an Art Eduction, usually reserved for expensive private schools. And so on.... This is possible, the people are out there. All we need is the support of Los Angeles and the Mayors Office.
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