Making L.A. More Business-Friendly

Idea Creator: 
Justin Adair
City Challenge: 
Creating a Business-Friendly LA
Get rid of all of the oppressive taxes and business regulations that California imposes! Also, get rid of all cronyism- from businesses, unions, and everywhere else. Scrap union protections- it turns them into racketeering organizations! I know that this goes against some of the leftist ideas that L.A. holds so dear, but it’s got to go! The other option is to alienate business owners, who don’t want to be oppressed! Also, clean, organize, and beautify every square inch of the city- nobody wants to live in such a dump! I’m thinking about going up there to start a record label, and i’m dreading the thought! This is not only because of the depressing physical environment, but also because of the fear of unjust taxes and business regulations! Environmental sustainability and economic sustainability go hand-in-hand, and you need economic individualism to ensure the latter. That is, a mutually-respectful individualism. Also, manage the city within your means- if you can’t pay for something without going into debt, then you just don’t do it. Every penny that the city and state governments may owe needs to be paid back- if you don’t pay it back monetarily, you end up paying for it in a different way. In every situation, debt is just something that holds you back. Then, don’t incur anymore of it! I think that addressing these things will make your city better overall, not just for business.
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