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Ryan Davies
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Building Stronger Communities
A massive reskilling will be necessary, not just for blue collar workers, but many white collar workers. (Kai-Fu-Lee, ex-president of Google China). We need to start experimenting in this area. There are bootcamps & MOOCS for coding, but little in other areas: for example, industry specific knowledge, productivity tools, applications of new technologies on older industries (3d printing, AI, VR, etc). Sweden has a wonderful model which brings together businesses, labor unions, and workers, working together to communicate needs and retrain as necessary. A similar model will be needed in LA. The cities who are proactive here will win. Labor Unions understand they cannot hold back automation, this will only make companies and regions less competitive. I suggest a program start right away, incorporating ideas from the community, businesses, and teachers. The program would have to remain agile, flexible, and experimental, open to whomever in the community is interested and without cost barriers. Without getting into details, I think there are public/private models that would work here, with the eventual goal of being funded by businesses who recruit from the program. Happy to submit a more formal proposal. If others are working on something similar, I would like to learn more. I do not see any other initiative with the same potential to make the community and city, stronger and more resilient. Regards, Ryan Davies
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