Stop wild fires across California

Idea Creator: 
David P. Sarmiento
City Challenge: 
Improving Public Safety
I wrote a paper called "Falling Trees to Living Trees," Copyrighted it on caring for forests a community effort. I submitted ideas to DARPA on a cannon fire suppression system turning aircraft into aerial gunners firing golf ball size and softball size fire retardants through a cannon for military gunners to be fire fighters in peace time. Powders bombarding trees and tough to access areas by cannon fire from skilled gunners working with coordinate pointing ground fire fighters on the ground. Two new concepts a Jeff Bezos windmill on California mountain terrain modified to be a sprinkler system pumping water from lakes to dry areas a pipeline not for oil but to water dry areas all automated above ground sprinkler systems around neighborhoods and cities protecting residents. In finale a channel from Ocean to inland the water is evaporated and condensed in reservoirs for use to battle fires with non salt water. The evaporation occurs beneath a canopy condensing water in the driest areas for use on trees, crops, grasses, and homes misting areas in evenings powered by windmills and solar power. Harnessing California winds to generate clean water to combat fires. Support NEST National Emergency Strategic Taskforces my copyright to train men for many disasters like fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, and wild fires for example.
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