Waterless Car Wash Tunnel System

Idea Creator: 
Christi Love~Curtis
City Challenge: 
Reducing Government Waste
Hello, We are Aqua~Free Waterless Car Wash Tunnel Systems. My name is Christi Love~Curtis. We are one of the Sustainability Innovation Companies fortunate enough to have been chosen to participate in this years, CleanTech Open Academy and LACI, the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator. Our technology saves millions of gallons of water and we aim to team up with the Mayor’s Office and the Cities, “Save the Drop” and “Adopt the Plan, initiatives in introducing our technology. As cohorts in the 9-month accelerator program, we are assigned Business Model Canvas worksheets each week, the first being “Target Customer Interviews.” Could we schedule a call with you at your earliest convenience or send you a brief questionnaire, that would help us identify some of your interest, needs and goals in auto-washing sustainability for your department? Either way we look forward to opening a line of communication with you so that we can keep you informed of our offering as we progress through the program. Please inform us of your availability for a brief phone chat or again, we can send you our survey questions. Thank you for your time and consideration in advance, Christi Love~Curtis CEO, Aqua~Free Waterless
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