Funded Projects

Review project ideas that have been funded by the Innovation Performance Committee.

Parking Meter

To greatly improve revenue generation, customer service, and extend operating hours by automating El Pueblo parking lots. 

College Students

In order to drive a greater understanding and knowledge base of "green" planning, design, and maintenance of City services, what if we created an in-house pilot of a "Green Univ

People Collaborating

Bring the Google Innovation Lab to work with City departments and provide expert “mentorship”, Google developer, software Suite and Mapping access to create a culture of innovat

Officer holding breathalyzer

To create a new, innovative LAFD resource called  “SOBER: The SOBering center Emergency Resource”.

Pick Up Trash

BPW requests $35,000 to develop a Clean LA contest for the residents of the City of Los Angeles to engage communities in keeping Los Angeles clean.