Funded Projects

Review project ideas that have been funded by the Innovation Performance Committee.

Ambulance Light

What if the LAFD had a fast, mobile, paramedic-staffed advanced life support unit that could quickly respond to critical 911 EMS calls to provide rapid patient assessment and in

Digital Services

Creating online/digital mechanisms for citizens to utilize city services that typically require in person interactions -- that is, taking processes such as registering for a new

LAPD Building

What if we implement a system so people could file lost/stolen property reports online?  This is currently being done by LASD.

Drone Hovering

The use of drones to inspect penstocks and insulators on power poles. It will cut the cost of man power and increase safety. 

Group of teammembers

What if all city commission, volunteer, internship and apprenticeship positions were also shared and managed via the central City Personnel (http