Funded Projects

Innovation Fund ideas recommended for funding by the Innovation and Performance Commission

Digital Services

Creating online/digital mechanisms for citizens to utilize city services that typically require in person interactions -- that is, taking processes such as registering for a new

Abstract Data Cloud

The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, that works with 97 different, Independent Neighborhood Councils, all made up of Volunteers needs a single, comprehensive and computer

Ambulance Light

What if the LAFD had a fast, mobile, paramedic-staffed advanced life support unit that could quickly respond to critical 911 EMS calls to provide rapid patient assessment and in

Street Medians

Creating a "Kit of Parts" for median projects that include streamlined permitting and little to no irrigation to address the drought conditions and the blue prints for communiti

Abstract Data Cloud

What if you could use LAPD data to target outreach and services to the most frequent users of the city’s law enforcement services in Skid Row, when 2 out of 3 homeless adults su