Innovation and Performance Commission

Person handing form to city worker at counter

The City of Los Angeles Innovation and Performance Commission (formerly, the Quality and Productivity Commission) is a 9-member appointed non-compensated commission dedicated to improving services delivered by the City of Los Angeles.

We promote innovation in the delivery of city services thorough:

  • Allocation of a $1M annual Innovation Fund, which seeds pilot projects generated by City employees’ ideas that will improve the way City departments deliver services, drive cost savings, or generate new revenue streams
  • Planning and execution of the annual Innovation Summit, planned for early 2015, which brings city employees and civic thought leaders together to share cutting-edge ideas and best practices

We promote performance in our City departments through:

  • Continuous review of City performance management programs to identify City operations where performance measures should be improved and provide recommendations for their improvement
  • Monitoring the reporting of performance objectives, goals, and accomplishments
  • Development of the multi-year City-wide comprehensive performance plan, including the recommendation of annual goals for implementing performance improvement and measurement within the City